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Strategic Planning Resources for National Statistical Systems

​Solid, practical, technical assistance must always leverage the energy and diversity of many partners. Many governmental and international agencies, civil society organizations, academic institutions, private foundations, and professional societies are already deeply committed to improving the quality and accessibility of development data. This note identifies some of the materials that Open Data Watch recommends to help develop strategic roadmaps for improving the quality and accessibility of national statistical systems.


The first step for strategic planning is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a country's statistical system with a focus on data openness.

The next step is to develop a strategy to go from where the statistical system is now to a system which adheres to open data policies and principles.  For help developing a strategic roadmap or "protocol" several sources may be used.

Not least important in developing plans for statistical capacity building and open data is costing them out carefully and identifying funding sources, whether government, bilateral or multilateral. The Paris21 PRESS (Partnership Reports on Support for Statistics) publications on donor financing is a useful review of donor activities. Sections C.6 and C.7 of the previously mentioned Guide to Statistics in European Commission Development Co-operation discusses resources for support of statistics.